Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry Services in Anchorage, AK

If your kid gets a tooth knocked out during a soccer game, you’re dealing with severe tooth pain, or you have any other dental emergency arise, don’t worry. Our skilled emergency dental team at Coplin Chris DMD is here to help.

We provide efficient, reliable emergency dental services when you need them, so you can get the problem taken care of quickly and regain peace of mind. 

Dental emergencies

It can sometimes be difficult to know what constitutes a dental emergency. If you’re ever in doubt, feel free to give our team a call to see whether you need to come in right away or if you can wait for a later appointment. Some of the most common dental emergencies we see at our Anchorage, AK, dental office include:
  • Tooth loss: If you get a tooth knocked out, you should come in right away to see if we can re-implant the tooth. Put the tooth in milk and come in as soon as possible for best results.
  • Broken teeth: If you have a chipped or broken tooth, it may need immediate care, especially if a piece of the tooth is lodged between teeth or you still have the original tooth fragment. We may be able to bond the segment to your tooth to repair it.
  • Severe toothaches: If you’re dealing with extreme tooth pain that makes it difficult to chew, speak or swallow, you will likely need to come in for an emergency visit. We’ll assess the problem and perform necessary treatment, such as root canal treatment or dental fillings.
If you’re experiencing any of these problems or have another dental issue you think might be an emergency, don’t hesitate to call our experienced dental team. We’ll assess the issue and determine what course of action is best.

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